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Providing Texas LTC and NRA Training Classes in a small safe setting.
Due to the Covid-19 crisis, in person classes have been suspended for now.  However, you can still do your classroom portion online and then call us to set up a qualification appointment.  To do your Texas LTC class on line, see the link below.  We sincerely hope to resume in person classes soon.  Stay safe and well!

Services and Pricing

License to Carry a Handgun

Most classes are held at Quail Creek Range
Call 682-239-4389 to register or discuss group pricing

Don't want to wait!  Click here to take the classroom portion on-line and then call me to set up your proficiency shooting session. A two hour lesson and qualification session, includes range fee, targets, and 100 rounds of our ammo,  is $50.  This is in addition on on-line class fees.  You must supply 50 rounds of ammo for qualification.  You can use your weapon, or borrow one of ours.  Call to discuss caliber and type of weapon you desire to qualify with.

No test, no fingerprints, no range qualification, no state application fees or waiting on background check.

LTC Shooting Proficiency Test Info

NRA Basic Pistol Classes

NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Classes

NRA Home Firearm Safety Classes

In Person Class Schedules
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